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Posted on: 2014-07-06

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The World Cup 2014 has been an interesting watch. We’ve seen underdogs rise to the occasion, while champions have just scraped through. From bites to cracked bones to fantastic goals to amazing celebrations to new stars, this WC has been worth the wait as compared to 2010. Anywhere you go, talks always veer towards 'football' from roadside teast ...

Posted on: 2014-06-29

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It is believed that how you think can be be effective. If you think positive along with the effort, the path will lead to what you have been trying to achieve. Do you think it is so? Has such a thing happened to you? Illustrate. Send your replies in not more than 200 words by Friday, July 4 by 2 pm to Features Department, The Himalayan Times, ...

Posted on: 2014-06-22

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We often hear of teenagers dating and some at a very young age. Many parents and teachers often coax them not to get romantically involved at their age. What is your view on dating? How young is too young to be in a romantic relationship? Illustrate. Send your replies in not more than 200 words by Friday, June 27 by 2 pm to Features Department, ...

Posted on: 2014-06-15

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Our children, like the adult population, are fans of different kinds of TV serials, masala movies and reality shows broadcast through the different television channels rather than children centred programmes. Such programmes are sure to make an impact on these innocent children. Should children be allowed to watch such programmes, or not? Why?

Posted on: 2014-06-08

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With the FIFA World Cup about to kick off, obviously everyone is excited and has their own plans on celebrating this month-long world festival that unites the globe as the best of footballers take to the ground to play for their respective countries. The World Cup calls for making memories and forging bonds. So, what is your favourite World C ...

Posted on: 2014-06-01

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We always complain of the garbage that accumulates on our roads, but what are we doing from our side? How do you think we should keep our cities clean? Illustrate. Send your replies in not more than 200 words by Friday, June 6 by 2 pm to Features Department, The Himalayan Times, e-mail

Posted on: 2014-05-25

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Pulling each other’s legs when friends are around is the beginning of any laughter riot. It adds on to the fun when you play a prank. Has such a thing happened to you? Share an incident when you played a prank on others or when you were fooled. Send your replies in not more than 200 words by Friday, May 30 by 2 pm to Features Department, The ...

Posted on: 2014-05-18

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Maha Nayak Rajesh Hamal had a very romantic, very public proposal for his lady love Madhu. Many of his female fans want their men to propose in a similar way. We have also seen flash mob proposals. Would you want your proposal to be a shared, public one where everyone is involved, or a very private one that is intimate and inclusive of just you and ...

Posted on: 2014-05-11

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Duita nouma ekaichoti khutta rakhna sakidaina — this is a Nepali saying urging one to concentrate on one task at a time and do it to the best of one's ability. However, do you think a person can be a master in only one field, or is it possible for one to master numerous fields at the same time? Explain. Send your replies in not more than 200 wor ...

Posted on: 2008-05-04

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One always wishes: "If I were this... or if I were that... then I would do this fo r the country." Supposing your wish did come true and you found yourself in an influential position - that you could turn the tide of your country - what would be your first task to better the country? How would that act of yours help the country?

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Penalising and detaining jaywalkers is the latest step taken by our traffic police. Similar steps were also taken a few months back to punish jaywalkers. However, as these did not continue for long, people forgot about the rules and started jaywalking with ease again. Are such ‘short-term’ efforts really effective in making people follow traffic rules? Or should such efforts be carried out for a longer period of time — say a year or so — so that people get into the habit of following traffic rules? Why?