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Posted on: 2013-02-02

Posted by: Shistata Poudel

Passing through centuries and centuries, elevation of science and technology has led to human ease granting the entire enthralling contraption. Invention of those paraphernalia that were beyond the castle of imagination, investigations of parallel universe, etc have cued the development of time machine in impending future. If such things existed or will exist in near future then I would bring it into play to revisit the history and ensure the niceties of the royal massacre of 2058 B.S., Jestha 19. Needless to say, the true color of real government has been faded away since the demise of late king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah that has resulted the hovering of black clouds of political instability. During his regime, there was prevalence of serenity, stabilize government, strict rules and regulations, etc in the country. So, being conscious citizen if I would have time machine then I would strive my unsurpassed to thwart this immeasurable loss of 2058 B.s. with the anticipate that tepid rays of sun and placid waft of wind may touch our country and multiply the aroma of development along with stabilization of tranquility.

Posted on: 2013-02-01

Posted by: Suresh Thapaliya

Technology has surpassed our imaginations. However, things like a time machine — a favourite gadget in many sci-fi films — we often wish for, has not been created. If such a thing existed or was created tomorrow, how would you use it? Give reasons. Behind this real world ,in our world of imaginations we think of many gadgets such as time machine ,flying machine,disappear machine and so on.We often wish of such gadgets for us.Also we would think of many supernatural things.But if such things existed ,its very hard to say that what would we do because in every human there is good and bad character.And a big responsibility come along with the enormous power.But if such thing has been existed on earth, certainly I will play a role to change the situation of the every person in need.I will try to heal the poverty from the country.I will try to change the political situation .I will try to make the environment clean and safe in old way.WE will be aware of the natural disaster and could prepare for the same.

Posted on: 2013-01-31

Posted by: priyanshu pant

Time machine is very interesting thing for Hollywood film makers and in Bollywood also its name is used.Its also a kind of science fiction.but the fact is that upto now none of the scientists has invented time machine.According to science,"Time Machine is such kind of machine by which we can go to past and also can see the future". well,I am just a common person and I don't know whether i can see time machine or not,but if my fortune favors me and i will get chance of using time machine,I would try to stop all those bad and unwanted activites and customs due to which now also people are suffering.i would have tried to stop the nuclear bomb explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during second world war.Due to it,many people died,Japan was in chaos and now the children born on that place, most of them are physically challenged.And the another thing that I would like to change the custom that girls are not equal as boys.I would go to he past and tried to convince the people of that time we should treat boys and girls equally because if there are no girls neither world can run nor anyone will survive.they are creator of lives on the earth

Posted on: 2013-01-31

Posted by: Manish shah

We are very well familiar about the word is the age of technology.Nothing in this world is impossible.Devlopment is also feeling proud by seeing the devlopment of science.At this age we are more advanced due to science.Every facilities such as T.v,telephone,bike etc is the gift of science. When to talk about time machine,favourite gadget,sci-fi films etc.Although it is not developed yet but who knows this can be possible.if tommrrow science is going to gift us time machine then it will be beneficial.i will utilise in various sectors such as war,protect someone etc.if my parents will be angry on me than i will go back to know why my parents are angry and can overcome over it.if i fail in any matter then i go back to know why am i fail and will overcome over will be benefical for solving the war between countries by the governer.Today's the war between india and pakistan,india and china can be solved by going back to the time which have arises war between them."world trade centre" and "pentagon" destroyed by terrosism can be protected.There will be much more beneficial if time machine will be developed.But one of the major problem of world i.e. Population can't be controlled because every people go back time by this technology and can saves his/her,this development should be utilised in only certain field where it is necessary and should be totally handed to the government of the country.

Posted on: 2013-01-31

Posted by: suraz oli

firstly, the things like time machine and other unbeleave able things are not possible to be made. in films we can do what ever we like and what ever we want,if such things are created than there will be great war,because all the country and people wannt to see their future and want to change the bod one.if i have to use that type of machine i will go in past in the time where the god used to be there and want to see whether it is true or not . and if there is god in past then want to put my head in their feet and want to asked to forgive me,because i have use the word that should not be used if there is god then only.

Posted on: 2013-01-31

Posted by: Gaurav shrestha

Well first of all time machine always have been a dream machine for mee too. And in future if that dream would become true then i would use it to go back in time just to see my favourite celebrity like jimi hendrix, kurt kobain, John lenon whom i couldn't see coz they have left this earth. This may sound funny but the other thing that always struck in my mind while thinking about the time machine was to go back in time and convince my great grand parents to buy a plot of land somewhere in the busiest part of Kathmandu like New road, Baneshwor which i hope after returning to present may make me one of the richest person.

Posted on: 2013-01-30

Posted by: Kindu

I'm realizing that if I had a time machine, I would have really great chance to have a look at me. I would first see my childhood then I would uncover numerous secrets that occurred in my past. I would mend my future. I would observe my great heroes' lives. I would know all the secrets of the earth, The Solar System, The Universe, This World. I would have known about everything. I would just keep on revealing each and every mysteries that tickles on my head. Seriously, I would think of nobody but me. I think I would share it with my best friend 'cause doing everything alone can get boring. After knowing all the secrets, I think I would my live present phase with utmost fun.

Posted on: 2013-01-30

Posted by: Mahendra Joshi

If such thing like Time Machine be ever created, and I got the privilege to use it, then I would use it to go 40-50 years back on time. The next thing would be the demolition of the gadget. That way I could permanently enjoy the serene atmosphere that were revealed my parents and elderly peoples while sharing their life experiences. Big family, farmland, lots of pets would be my goal to achieve. Diving in the river for shower, horse ride to travel around, and working in the farm would be my modus operandi. Being called with a big scream in the field for lunch by spouse would be my adoration. No technologically sound appliances for sure. Won’t mind a radio though.

Posted on: 2013-01-27

Posted by: Shikha Bahety

Its crazy how technology has evolved.We cannot do without gadgets and internet these days.Internet has become like a basic necessity. Staying without internet is quite impossible and there are a few who are tech-savvy, just cannot do without their machine. In a similar conversation when I was with a friend of mine, he had quite a crazy idea about a time machine. This one would not take us back in time and we could not change anything. It would show us where all have we been from the date of our birth. We could know how many times we went to a particular restaurant, or how many times we met a person or for that matter how many times we crossed a monument. It would just show the exact situation and we would know how could we be a better person!

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Technology has surpassed our imaginations. However, things like a time machine — a favourite gadget in many sci-fi films — we often wish for, has not been created. If such a thing existed or was created tomorrow, how would you use it? Give reasons.