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Pirates, teens, party dolls set ramp afire on Day 2
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Pirates, teens, party dolls set ramp afire on Day 2


KATHMANDU: From the self assertion of emancipated women to the chirpiness of teenage years and the rogue appeal of pirates, Day 2 of TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2009 was bursting at the seams with surprises on Tuesday at the Yak & Yeti Hotel. The variation in the themes meant a staggering variety of designs to appeal to a woman’s every mood whether elegance, mischief, ethnic or outdoor.

 The mix of Nepali and Indian models striding the ramp under the direction of noted choreographer Prashant Tamrakar exuded the right attitude in every sequence, moving gracefully in the more formal wear and putting a spring into their step for the more cheeky themes.

The day’s surprise faces featured another Miss Nepal this time Usha Khadgi who won the crown in 2000 and popular actress Ranju Lamichanne. Both guests earned the appreciation of the audience with loud applause and cheers.

Tamrakar was pleased with the day’s proceedings as the backstage coordination proved much smoother than the first day. In his opinion the models have grown in confidence in a single day.

Khadgi revealed that her bond with the event goes beyond her ramp appearance as she used to be a student of IEC a long time ago. However back then there was no Nepal Fashion Week so she didn’t have the same opportunity as the current IEC students to showcase her talent on such a grand scale. Asked to sum up the show, she replied with a single word, “Wow”!


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