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Style, substance and surprises galore on NFW Day 1
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Style, substance and surprises galore on NFW Day 1



KATHMANDU: Glamour has always held irresistible appeal for women in general which explains the growing number of women flocking to careers in fashion designing. And what better way for designers to show off their designing talent than to have gorgeous models walking the ramp in their creations?
It’s just not about creativity and quality but timing plays a crucial role in ensuring success in the market. There’s a right time for everything and when it comes to designer wear, could there be any better timing than the eve of the country’s festive season?
IEC, the veteran of several Nepal Fashion Weeks over the years has for the first time collaborated with The Himalayan Times for this year’s TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2009. If the opening day of the event was any indication of what’s in store, there seems to be plenty of style, substance and surprises to come.
With ten exciting themes, the first day of the show had plenty to offer in terms of variety as models paraded in everything from flowing Mughal robes to cheeky ghetto chic and home grown Nepali fabrics.
The five day event is a celebration of fashion to give fashion aficionados the opportunity to feast their eyes on a staggering variety of styles, fabrics and ensembles.






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