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This is the age of machines. Sad to admit it, but yes machines are taking over our lives and our children’s lives too. Gone are the days of lullabies and bedtime storytelling. These days, parent ...Full story

Sugarcane farmers in Nawalparasi district have taken control of 10 trucks belonging to Lumbini Sugar Mills, saying that they will be released only after the mill owners pay thei ...Full story

A couple of months ago, the parliament of Uganda unseated two of its sitting parliamentarians for records of poor attendance in parliamentary sittings. The problem of absenteeis ...Full story

“Where are you from?” “I am from Nepal.” “Oh, Nepal! I went to Nepal six years ago. Are the people still as nice as they used to be? ...Full story

There are very rare occasions when I like to write. It could be about anything and everything. I believe in my favourite author Haruki Murakami’s quote, ‘If you can ...Full story