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The consequences of the April 25 earthquake are too widespread and too big for Nepal alone to handle properly. The estimates of the deaths and damages that have come out so far are still preliminary. ...Full story

The United States’ economy is approaching full employment and may already be there. But America’s favorable employment trend is accompanied by a substantial increase ...Full story

May 3, 2005 KATHMANDU: Defying government restrictions to organise rallies and strikes, hundreds of journalists from all over the nation participated in ...Full story

The earth shook. It did with the force unprecedented and unknown to this generation, triggering an intense, inexplicable panic mode. Senses failed to work. Structures couldn&rsq ...Full story

Nepal is going through a terrible tragedy and our neighbouring countries have been more than helpful. However, something irked me to the point of insanity. It was this post by y ...Full story