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LONDON: Britain's newborn princess has spent her first night at home in Kensington Palace — but the guessing game continues over what her name will be. It's possible she will be named Sunday by ...Full story

KATHMANDU: A dishevelled orphanage, more than 300 crying and suffering young ones without food and medical assistance, no roof ... these are images in your mind ...Full story

KATHMANDU: It was a regular day and some people were praying and reciting verses from the Quran on the premises of the Nepali Jame Masjid, Ghantaghar when the e ...Full story

KATHMANDU: The main entrance to the Pashupati Briddhashram has been closed. A notice on the main gate reads, ‘Please use the door on the south’. Two ...Full story

KATHMANDU: The world has stretched its helping hands to Nepal in her hour of need. And help has come in different avataars — foreign rescue teams with sni ...Full story