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TOKYO: When she came to life in 1974, she was a kitty without a name, sitting sideways in blue overalls and a big red bow, on a coin purse for Japanese girls. On Saturday, fans around the world celebr ...Full story

KATHMANDU: From October 31, Tundikhel will be abuzz for two day with voices for environment raised by environmentalists, artists, journalists, along with differ ...Full story

NEW YORK: Although men and women love to work in single sex offices, productivity goes up if they share space with the opposite gender, finds an interesting res ...Full story

An avid Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes fan as a child, I was always fascinated by detectives and wanted to be one, and getting to be a ‘Spy’ for The Himalayan Times ...Full story

KATHMANDU: She was “dead on arrival” at Vayodha Hospitals, Balkhu. When 42-year-old Slovenian citizen Erina Mrak had been airlifted to the hospital ...Full story