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Candanian adventurer Bernard Voyer embarked on a journey to discover the other side of the horizon in his teens. He has experienced the North Pole, gone around the world at the South Pole and stood ta ...Full story

KATHMANDU: Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association (NFFA) is organising the third Furniture and Furnishing Expo (Furnex Nepal 2014) beginning from August 26 ...Full story

BAGAN: It was hot and humid at the departure lounge of Nyuang U Airport. The Bagan Air evening flight to Yangon had not arrived. I was sweating profuse ...Full story

BEIJING: China’s new home prices fell in July for a third month straight with price declines spreading to a record number of cities including Beijing, underlining a worse ...Full story

Mum, mum I am your child So forgive me If I sometimes miss the way You are the only beginner of my day. You are my God to create me You are m ...Full story