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Height of nothingness


Chapali Height

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire and Beenita Baral

Director: Dipendra K Khanal

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KATHMANDU: Raj (Raj Ghimire), who lives in Chapali Heights in Kathmandu, is woken up in the middle of night by a call of Amir (Amir Gautam) who is in Pokhara. The next day Amir and Bini (Beenita Baral), who have eloped together, come to stay at Raj’s house. They celebrate their first day at Chapali Heights with alcohol, music and dance. Times passes and after a few days , Amir decides to return to Pokhara but Raj and Bini insist on staying on. But Amir doubts Bini and Raj are having an affair. He tells Bini that their relationship is over and leaves her with Raj. Meanwhile, Raj is shown falling for Bini.

Thriller and suspense is what the movie claims to be all about but you miss it. Thriller and suspense movies are not made with a thrilling background score and weird expression of the actors that come out of nowhere in the movie.

In Chapali Height, you won’t know where the movie is heading till the last few sequences. Apart from that ‘suspense’, you will not be able to make out the genre of the movie. However, going by the reactions in the theatre, many thought it to be a ‘comedy’. Director Khanal has failed to bring out the thrill factor and to present the story in an interesting manner. The major fault lies in the storyline that doesn’t make any sense.

Another blunder is poor characterisation — you don’t understand the characters well. You are confused most of the time the movie is running. Bini’s character has been portrayed as someone cheap. The movie is predictable except for the


The story revolves around the three characters — Raj, Amir and Bini and the actors, new faces on the scene, have not showed great acting skills.

They lack energy and tend to look artificial. Nevertheless, they are bold enough to kiss and get on with the love-making scenes.

So, the only exciting bits of the movie are the bold and steamy scenes which have been used to stretch the movie to the fullest. But frankly, these scenes are not really needed.

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