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Wikileaks cache includes 2278 documents from Nepal



KATHMANDU: After leaking a cache of confidential United States documents on international backstage diplomacy on Sunday‚ whistle-blower website Wikileaks is preparing to publicise hundreds of cables from the US mission in Kathmandu.

The recent Wikileaks catch includes as many as 2278 documents related to or from Nepal‚ all of them originating from the US Embassy in Kathmandu from February 1‚ 2005 to February 25‚ 2010.

The documents are tagged with several keywords like Government of Nepal‚ political parties‚ U.S.-Nepali relations‚ India relations‚ Tibetan refugees‚ Human Rights‚ UN‚ Maoist insurgency‚ Bhutanese refugees‚ and acronyms like NP‚ IN‚ PINS‚ PTER‚ CASC‚ PGOV‚ MOPS.

They are expected to be released in a few months.

However‚ no details about the documents are immediately availabe on the website.

The whistle-blower website had provided 2‚51‚287 cables--including 2‚278 from the U.S. mission in Kathmandu‚ 3‚038 from India‚ 3‚325 from Colombo and 2‚220 from Islamabad-- to The The New York Times.

According to the news agencies‚ many of the documents are unclassified‚ and none are marked ´top secret.´

The Times said that the cables are the daily message traffic between the State Department and more than 270 U.S. diplomatic outposts around the world. The newspaper said that in its reporting‚ it attempted to exclude information that would endanger confidential informants or compromise national security.


Thank you WikiLeaks for leaking things, It is unbelievable to hear about the case of fake visa scandal at US Embassy in Nepal. And also surprising to be revealed the fact about two Tibetan refugees carrying fake Nepali passport but securing a valid visa from US Embassy. More shocking the Tibetans carrying a letter from US Embassy approving the letter bearers are Tibetans, which is to be delivered upon arrival in immigration desk in USA Airport. Dr. Bijaya Sainju, Baluwatar

what sakchhyam, narayangaeh

owo this news really interesting ! i am agree gurung buddha (tokyo) sb gautam, sindhuli

First of all I wanna give a big clap to MR JULIAN ASSANGE . Well its time for us (neplese) to know the hidden truths of nepal government . Hope there is durbar kanda ,politics played by india, corruption made by high levels, aryan and mongol..... bikram, nepal

dear editor, u r doing yr best job...i really appreciate u....the world needs such like u...who can judge the point of view of whole human beiings............ gurung buddha, tokyo

Thank for leaking information about Nepal and US. I believe every country should stay in their own limit. They should cross their boundaries. Furthermore, I believe each country will attempt to maintain their cordinal relationship with other. Neem G. Lama, Kathmandu

From the Wiki Leak, it is confirmed that the US is the most powerful country of all, and every other nation are vying to receive assistance from the powerful nation. It's a great blow for them as well. I hope everything will be under control and lets hope for the peaceful world. Tashi Gurung, Kathmandu

Thank for...leaking 'Nepal' related doc.... Narayan Thapa, Kathmandu.

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