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Use of pesticides up in nation



Millions of people die in the world every year due to the adverse impact of pesticides.

KATHMANDU: Use of pesticides in different farm products including food grains and vegetables has suddenly jumped up in the country in the past few years.

A total of 50 metric tons of pesticides was imported annually to Nepal till 10 years ago but now it has reached 345 metric tons.

Millions of people die in the world every year due to the adverse impact of pesticides, it is learnt.

Experts say use of pesticide has increased due to lack of knowledge among farmers on the adverse effects of haphazard use of pesticides on health.

Although the main objective of using pesticides is to kill insects and pests that destroy crops, consumers have been hit hard due to lack of necessary instructions to farmers regarding proper method of its use.

The rate of use of pesticides in Nepal is 182 gram per hectare on the whole. Although this rate is nominal compared to its rate in other countries, many negative effects of pesticides have been seen due to its haphazard use.

Pesticides are widely used in fruit, tea and vegetables in the country. Pesticides are imported from other countries. Nepal imports pesticides worth Rs. 380 million annually, according to government sources.

The government has banned the import of 15 pesticides which are highly hazardous to human health.

According to a study, the health of 1.5 million farmers has been affected by pesticide. Doctors warn that eating fruits and vegetables grown with use of pesticides causes mental retardation and cancer.

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