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KATHMANDU: YouTube is a platform for many people today to make their voices heard around the world. Whether it is a video of friend falling down or that of a person singing a song, the first place that people upload these videos is on YouTube. And why shouldn’t they? Along with google and Facebook, YouTube is a hot favourite for many. Even in Nepal, youngsters tend to spend an entire day surfing videos on this website. The day videos started loading at a faster rate on YouTube, most of the Facebook homepages were filled with posts about how ‘cool’ YouTube had become.

In Nepal, where most artistes are not able to produce songs of international level, it is highly difficult for most individuals to expose their talents in public. The process of recording songs, signing with a label and promoting oneself proves to be very onerous. But with the availability of YouTube, young people have become able to avoid the entire process required to make their song public. They can take their music straight to the people who decide with likes, dislikes and views, how sellable a particular artiste is.

As such, this trend of uploading videos and showcasing one’s talent has begun to get popular amongst Nepali people as well. And many Nepali artistes have come into the limelight through this arena.


stars in music

The youth today take YouTube as a means to display their talents and young artistes here are following the footsteps of famous YouTube stars like Boyce Avenue and Megan Nicole by covering their favourite songs. The first name that might enter your mind if you think of talented Nepali artistes on YouTube is of course Natasha Shah, better known to most as Nattu.

With over a million views and more than 3,000 subscribers, she is a sensation and many Nepalis look up to her. Not only does she cover songs of popular artistes but also convert their lyrics into Nepali and composes some of her own.

To this Nattu expresses, “There are so many creative people in this world who need a platform to showcase their talents and I think YouTube has been a helpful innovation for many. It has not only provided a virtual stage for people to deliver their act but has also connected the world to some


For her, YouTube is “not only an entertaining site but a place to explore new visions. Life without YouTube right now is unimaginable.” But Nattu is not alone in this list of people who have become stars through YouTube. Another name in this list is Teena Rai — a Nepali girl residing in the UK— who too posts covers on the YouTube. Singer Karuna Gurung is another notable name in this league.

Nepali songs

create space

Of course, western artistes usually rake in over a million viewers in each upload. But Nepali songs too are slowly beginning to receive more attention as compared to before.

Udhreko Choli — the famous dance number from Nepali movie Loot — has received over 245,000 hits and its theatrical trailer received over 448,000 views. But arguably the most famous song of the year, Simple Simple Kanchi beat those numbers by having already received over 683,000 views.

Various bands and singers such as the Uglyz and Aaastha Tamang Maskey too have begun the trend of uploading their songs on YouTube. Tamang Maskey said “YouTube has been an incredible leap and a stepping stone for many independent musicians as it creates a platform to share music with our listeners without being dependent on traditional media forms such as radio and TV.”

And this singer believes YouTube as “one of the most incredible social media and Internet phenomenon of the decade. It has definitely been helpful in helping me share and build a listening audience for myself and I hope it will help many other budding artistes in the future as well.” Not just YouTube, artistes even have made use of other techniques to gain popularity. Famous band Albatross, for example, initially gained popularity after their songs were transferred in people’s cell phones.

Not just

for music

They are not only the singers, but other Nepali artistes as well who are uploading videos on YouTube. And amongst them, one of the most successful Nepalis is Promise Tamang Phan.

This makeup guru who has “more than 350,000 subscribers and happens to be the 26th most subscribed YouTube guru of all time” fascinates people with her ability to transform herself into almost anyone or anything through her fabulous makeup skills. Yeshigaga is another Nepali on YouTube who is famous for posting comedy videos. Her parody titled Sir and Student received much love and many likes from people.

And they are not only the artistes, but even the youngsters agree that YouTube is a platform which will help Nepali people to gain popularity in the world. When asked about the significance of YouTube, they opined that this website will help people to represent Nepal in the international level, especially through music.

Some even went on to say that one shouldn’t make such a big deal out of the singers on YouTube just because they are from Nepal. Tonnes of other foreigners upload videos and one should let everyone irrespective of their origins, exercise and display their creativity rather than making an argument about it.

Only time will tell how well Nepali people and YouTube can get along but looking at the current situation one can be hopeful that there will will be more Nepali people showcasing their talent through this website.

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