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TOPICS: Militarization and women



Militarization is a reference to plan the policies of the country on the basis of the army or guns, feeling confident that the problems can only be solved through the use of army or to foresee the benefit of the country only in the army force. If a part or the whole country is internally or externally attacked and the country goes into a long time armed conflict or if a region or land is used for army activities, these are also called militarization. In militarization, ordinary citizens take up arms, children get involved in the army, there is an increase in threats and terror in the houses by armed people, there is an increase in incidents of rape and forceful sex, the opposition buys weapons with donations, there is an increase in army expenditure and development is based on the army. Along with this, all the important positions are taken up by the army. Militarism is the result of militarization where a country’s political, social, economical and the nation’s external relations are impacted by military values and behavior. Now-a-days there is an increase in the number of women joining the military forces which is not the sign of women liberation. It is a sign of the increasing militarization of society. It does not benefit women or the country as a whole. The militarization of women must be seen in this context but not in the percentage of military. The acceptance of male norms has affected young girls, some of whom have started to use violent methods in their search for equality and recognition.

Women have themselves united for peace whenever a country has been involved in longer periods of internal or external conflict and the society has headed towards militarization. Women have initiated movements for peace and arms laying movement. They have pressured the government to decrease expenditures on weapons, decrease the supply of weapons and to initiate the process of conflict resolution. They have also conducted research and study on the impact of militarization on women and submitted it to the government to evoke pressure.There is need to increase the number of women in decision-making position in politics, not the military. Countries where military officers are in decision-making positions are most often dictatorships. And dictatorships have no respect for women’s human rights. Rather than spending money on the recruitment of more women in the military, the government should increase funding for the improvement of employment and educational opportunities for women, and especially for young women. Gautam is Chairperson, Nepal Press Institute

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