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THT 10 YEARS AGO: UML‚ NC split on few issues



June 27, 2003

KATHMANDU: The alliance of the five major political parties was seriously divided over some issues at the meeting of the task force today. However, the parties took the common stand of labeling the Rajparishad as “insignificant” and “irrelevant”. A source close to one of the five agitating parties told The Himalayan Times that while the Nepali Congress NC was firm on its stand of demanding the reinstatement of the House of Representatives, the CPN- UML insisted on an all-party government. However, the smaller parties — Janamorcha Nepal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party and the Nepal Sadbhavana Party Anandi Devi — were supportive of a constituent assembly and did not budge from their stance. While the NC has been demainding restoration of the House of Representatives, the UML’s key demand has been a powerful all-party government. The three smaller parties also demanded that a review of the 12 years of democracy should be thoroughly carried out and that those democratic leaders who have been branded as corrupt be penalised according to the existing laws. “Those corrupt leaders even representing the agitating parties should not be spared,” they said. Another point on which all the five parties struck consensus was on deciding whether the Kings promulgations after October 4 should be regarded as “legimitate” or “illegitimate”. However, Subash Nemwang of the UML said the meeting discussed widely how the people could be made “sovereign”.

Prachanda tells five parties: Back our 24-point charter

June 27, 2003

KATHMANDU: The Maoists supremo, Prachanda alias Puspa Kamal Dahal, has urged the five agitating political parties to take up “seriously” the charter of 24 demands put forward by the Maoists during the first round of government-Maoists talks held in Kathmandu on April 27 Prachanda, in a letter to the parties on Thursday, has termed the 24 demands as his partys “bottom-line” to the government. While the document with these demands was signed by Dr Baburam Bhattarai, coordinator of the Maoists talks team, during the first round of peace talks, the latest covering letter including the 24 demands has been signed by Prachanda. The letter was dispatched to all the five agitating parties, that is, the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Janamorcha Nepal, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party and Nepal Sadbhawana Party. The Maoists had presented their political, social and economic agenda to the government during the first round of talks with their key demands of an all-party round table conference, an interim government, election of a constituent assembly in six months and integration of the “peoples army” with the Royal Nepalese Army.

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