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Rio unveils QR codes



QR codes have been built into tourist spots in the Brazilian city of Rio di Janeiro‚ as part of plans to help visitors find their way around the city. The codes are displayed using patterns of small tiles — called mosaics.

Tourists can photograph the mosaic with smartphones or tablets. An app then takes them to a website with lots of information‚ including maps and things to see and do.

The city‚ which will be hosting the next Olympic games in 2016‚ as well as matches at the FIFA World Cup in 2014‚ will eventually have the codes across 30 of its historic and interesting sites.

US soldier gets arm transplants‚ looks forward to driving‚


A retired American soldier who lost both arms and legs in Iraq has left hospital with two new arms.

Brendan Marrocco had a rare double arm transplant‚ where two human arms from a donor were attached to his body. It could be two or three years before Brendan fully recovers from the operation. He lost his arms and legs when the vehicle he was driving was blown up by a bomb in 2009.

His new arms were taken from an organ donor who had died. The surgery took 13 hours. Brendan says he’s now looking forward to swimming and driving again.

Blaer gets to keep her name

Until now‚ Blaer Bjarkardottir was officially known as ‘Girl’ because the government in Iceland had banned her from using her own name.

Countries like Iceland‚ Denmark and Germany have very strict rules about names. In Iceland there is a list of 1‚853 girls names which are allowed. Names like Carolina and Christa are not allowed because the letter ‘c’ is not part of Iceland’s alphabet. Names that can be used for both a boy and a girl are not allowed either.

The authorities said the name ‘Blaer’‚ which means ‘light breeze’‚ wasn’t suitable for a girl.

But‚ the 15-year-old decided to fight this decision and now her

local court has agreed to let

her keep her real name. Blaer’s mum‚ Bjork Eidsdottir‚ said she didn’t know Blaer’s name wasn’t allowed.


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