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Rai declares Federal Socialist Party-Nepal

  FSP-N to fight for the cause of single identity based federalism


KATHMANDU: Ashok Rai, former vice-chairman of CPN UML today formally announced a 98-member ad-hoc committee of the Federal Socialist Party-Nepal under his leadership.

The party has included those who left all major and fringe parties because of their conviction that there should be single identity based federalism. Announcing the names of 98 members of his ad-hoc central committee amid a huge crowd at a Khushibu based Nepa Banquet, Rai declared that his party would carry out a crusade for inclusive democracy, instead of a formal one.

To disprove that his party is solely an ethnic party, at least 10 leaders have been selected from Brahmin and Chhettri communities and many leaders from Madhes-based communities, besides Dalits.

The new party has eight vice-chairpersons including Bijay Subba, Durga Mani Dewan, Prem Krishna Pathak, Bir Bahadur Lama, Rakam Chemjong, Hemraj Rai, Mohammad Rizwan Ansari and Gopal Thakur. Rajendra Shrestha has been selected general secretary while Ajambar Rai Kangmang, Radha Timilsina and Norsang Sherpa have become deputy general secretaries of the party.

Mina Gurung, Horilal Chaudhary, Karna Bahadur Budha Magar, Ram Singh Yadav and D B Nepali have been selected secretaries and Dr Mangal Siddhi Manandhar has been appointed chairman of the party’s Central Advisers Committee, Ranadhoj Kandangwa as chairman of the Central Discipline Committee, Raj Kumar Rai as chairman of Central Election Committee and Sushila Shrestha as chair of Central Audit Committee.

The party has claimed that their ad-hoc central committee includes leaders who left many political parties including CPN-UML, NC, Maoists, and CPN-Unified, among others.

Despite several attempts, Rai failed to bring with him Chaitanya Subba’s group, who did not compromise on their stance on liberal social democracy as the guiding principle of the party. Former chairman of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) Pasang Sherpa, who had left CPN-UML long ago didn’t join Rai’s new party.

Subba, along with Pasang Sherpa, Dr Om Gurung, and Krishna Bhattachan are preparing to launch a separate party— Social Democratic Pluri-national Party, the concept paper of which has been made public.

NEFIN chairman Raj Kumar Lekhi and Bhim Burma of Khas Chhetri Samaj expressed their best wishes and commitment to support the cause of disadvantaged groups in the country.


i wish to new party which is called federal socialist party nepal was decleraed by partys chair man ashok kumar rai last time and i hope that fsp party need to catch main point of those people who are dominated in the nepal eg.janjati muslim dalit etc so i would like to request to all janjati muslim dalit if we need our right of everywhere than we have to support the new federal socialist party nepal suman chemjong, dharan

Janjati leaders seems to have forgotten as to why they broke away from their old parties.They have started breaking before it was formed.A bad start! gaunle, xxx

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