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Peacock window in peril



BHAKTAPUR: The famous historical Mayurjhyal, known as Mhayakha in local parlance, is currently battling for survival.

This ancient wooden window frame with intricate carvings is listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. It gets its name from the statuette of a peacock that is mounted on the wooden window frame.

Peacock is known as Mayur in Nepali language, thus the name of the window is Mayurjhyal or the peacock window. The Mayurjhyal is kept at a cell to the south-east corner of the Dattatraya Temple in Bhaktapur.

The Mayur or peacock statuette that is mounted on the window is headless for nearly four decades now. The head of this ancient statuette was reportedly broken in the great earthquake of 1933 and the bodies concerned have not so far felt the need to restore it.

People of the locality have already informed the Office for the Preservation and Care of Monuments and Ancient Palaces under the Bhaktapur Municipality on the need of preservation of this ancient window. But the office has so far not taken any measures to that end.

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