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New Delhi wants stability in Nepal: Indian leaders



Dahal told an Indian leader that he would travel to India first and then to China‚ should he become the prime minister again

KATHMANDU: Indian leaders today stressed on maintaining strong ties between India and Nepal, and said New Delhi wanted Nepal to emerge as a peaceful, stable and prosperous country.

Chief of Foreign Department of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Vijay Jolly said he told top leaders of Nepal that anti-India activities should not be allowed in the country.

Addressing a programme here, the Indian leader said, he told the leaders here that Nepal should always be vigilant about the danger of terrorists, smugglers and anti-India elements exploiting the open and porous border of both countries. “I have told the leaders here that Kathmandu should act aggressively against forces inimical to New Delhi who operate from its soil,” Jolly said, adding, “I think misunderstanding between the two countries still persists. When I read reports coming from Nepal, I often see anti-India statements.” He maintained that a peaceful and prosperous Nepal would also be in the interest of India.

On the 12-point agreement signed between Nepal and India, the BJP leader said, “Over 75 per cent of the 12-point agreement signed in New Delhi had already been implemented, but people’s aspiration would only be fulfilled after 100 per cent of the agreement was implemented.”

On the forthcoming polls, Jolly said, “We want free and fair elections in Nepal. We do not want election to be influenced by bullying tactics. Whether a new government is led by political parties or a chief of administrative body is Nepal’s domestic affair,” adding that, he did not want Nepal to be a failed state under any circumstances.

Jolly said Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal told him that he first travelled to China when he became the prime minister, but this time, however, he wanted to go to India first and then to China. “I would like to remind you that when American President Barack Obama visits South Asia, he first lands in India, and then goes to Pakistan,” he said.

On a different context, the Indian leader said, “I am pained that Nepal is no longer a Hindu state.” But he said, the republic of Nepal should live up to the expectation of marginalised communities especially the Madhesis.

Member of the Upper House of India KC Tyagi, who is also the General Secretary of the Janata Dal (United), said, “Relations between India and Nepal remained strong and cordial at people’s level, and therefore, peace and prosperity on both sides of the border were the sincere desires of the peoples of both the countries.” He maintained that the framing of a new constitution and holding of early elections were necessary to implement the Delhi Declaration (12-point agreement).

“If Delhi Declaration is not implemented, parties will continue to face people’s wrath,” Tyagi cautioned, adding, “We want Nepal to hold polls as soon as possible no matter who wins or who loses.”

Member of the Lower Assembly of Rajasthan Prakash Chaudhary, who is associated with the ruling Indian National Congress, said, “Indians wanted to see Nepal emerge as a peaceful, stable and prosperous country.”

Similarly, New Delhi’s former mayor Arati Mehra, who is associated with the BJP, said Nepal and India were like an extended family with a shared destiny. “We want to see Nepal as a strong a stable country. We want to see Nepal continue on the path of democracy. Leaders should make sure that democratic institutions do not crumble,” she added.

Chairperson of the Nepal-India Women Friendship Society Chanda Chaudhary said her organisation would work to strengthen friendly relations between the peoples of both countries on shared legacies. “We have strong relations

between our countries from time immemorial. Ours is a natural relation and we will have to continue our legacy,” she added.


It is very unfortunate and sad to say that our beautiful "Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal"never been govern by the will of the puppet leaders of Nepal. These puppet leaders have been danceing in the tunes of others. yam gurung, UK

Really!!! Nik, Kathmandu

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