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Never-ending Kathaa



KATHMANDU: If you wonder what the Nepali movie Kathaa has in store for you, then it would undoubtedly be its cinematography. Shot in beautiful locales of Sikkim, the landscapes will definitely catch your eye. And the background score fits with the tone of the movie.

But besides these, Kathaa has nothing special to appeal to the audience.

Kathaa is a story of a mute girl Kumari (Usha Rajak) and stuttering boy Kanchha (Saugat Malla), who fall in love with one another. Things are going well in their life till Kanchha decides to go up into the mountain with his friend Sonam (Timothy Rai) taking yaks so as to earn money in order to marry Kumari.

The story is simple though the plot has not been well-constructed. Had the packaging been done well with logical scenes, Kathaa could really have turned into an entertaining movie. But the movie that is said to be made without any script fails to do so.

Take for instance the case of aatma (spirit) — it appears twice in the village though the movie fails to showcase how it affects anyone there. The movie starts with a Jhankri and Sonam talking about scaring away the aatma from the village. The beginning seems forceful. Director Prashant Rasaily could have thought of a much better and impressive beginning. Even the ending is quite awkward — they way they reach paradise and start talking seem quite funny. Couldn’t there been some natural and convincing ending to the movie?

Another thing that every audience will notice in the almost two-hour-long movie is the part of editing. When an actor starts walking from the top of a hill to reach a house at its bottom, the movie shows him/her walking the whole distance. The scene doesn’t deserve any significance in the movie but it does make the audience impatient. The editing could have been so much better.

At times the movie is quite dark and this darkness won’t allow you to watch the emotions on the face of the actors.

Acting-wise, Malla as stuttering man shines in the movie. Still at times he seems to forget his part as a stammerer during dialogue delivery.

Rajak needs to improve her acting skills. It would have been better if she had practiced the expression of mute people properly before jumping to take this role.

Rai, though good in a few comic scenes, seems artificial while in serious moments — the dialogue delivery is unconvincing.

The expectations were definitely high because the movie is from Acharya famed director Prashant Rasaily. And Rasaily could have worked more shrewdly to meet up to the expectations.

Still you can watch the movie for Malla, beautiful cinematography and of course, melodious background score.


Hidden critic ?? the only thing one figures from his opinion is that he loved the film but couldn't accept this fact...He likes almost everything about the film and even asks us to go and watch it for everything else except Director's work... hmmm... Subodh Chopra, Mumbai

review ma nai plot bhayena. Yalamber subba, kathmandu

When such a negative review appears without the reviewer's name in it, what should the readers make out of it? Prakash Subedi, Kathmandu, Nepal

whoever be the author of the article should know that the movie review should not reveal ending of the movie and the important plots in the movie. parmeshwor thapa, kathmandu

Please for the sake of Prashant's next film and any other filmmakers reading this could you please please explain how one directs a film shrewdly...? Why does this review not have a name attached to it..? murray kerr, Kathmandu

Hahaha Jeetendra, Kathmandu

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