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NC‚ UML do not want election: Sapkota


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UCPN-M Spokesperson Agni Sapkota


KATHMANDU: Spokesman of the UCPN-Maoist Agni Prasad Sapkota has said that consensus could not be forged as Nepali Congress and CPN-UML were not in favor of elections.

At a regular meeting with the press organized today at Parisdanda, the party headquarters, Sapkota said consensus could not be given final shape, as parties could not reach agreement in political issues rather than technical ones.

He accused the NC and UML leaders of engaging in entangling the issue rather than resolving problems, but that his party was working with the intention of holding fresh elections by mid-June.


As Nepali Congress and and CPN-UML are rejecting elections this shows the fascist Stalinist nature of their political philosophy. The US and other Western democracies should immediately stand up and take notice and be moved to action. Covert operations to take out the the first five levels of leadership in both parties should immediately be undertaken in a joint exercise of special forces. As Maoist are for elections it shows they are pro-democracy. Western countries should flood their coffers with donations and send modern voting equipment and monitors for the election and put massive pressure on remaining leaders of the two fascist parties to ensure their cadres encourage the rank and file top vote. In addition, the post of PM should be on the ballot for the people of Nepal to elect their leader to a once more electable four year term as is the norm in the US. Nepal would move forward quickly as Democratic Republic approving a new Constitution with ease and speed. Suraj Rajbhandhari, Putali Sadak, Kathmandu

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