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Minister Koirala sheds light on dev oriented budget



KATHMANDU: Minister for Finance, Shankar Koirala, has said the budget for the Fiscal Year 2070/2071 B.S. would give priority to the development programmes.

Speaking at an interaction organized by the Society of Economic Journalists of Nepal (SEJON) here today, "We have no right to bring politically inspired budget. We will bring development programmes in the next fiscal year."

Koirala, who is also the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies, said the government would take initiative to create investment friendly environment and control trade deficit.

He said the government was going to bring a full budget within mid-April. Minister for Finance Koirala pointed out the need of bringing full budget to manage election and security expenses, avoiding shortage of budget to the large- scale projects, carry out ongoing projects and manage budget to compulsory works, and address the national and international organizational policies.

Minister Koirala said, "No new programmes will be brought, but the budget includes complete report of programmes since July 2012 to June 2014."

The current government has no moral pressure to implement any political parties' election manifesto and that we move ahead freely making election and good governance the main agendas, he said.

No one can reject the open market economy in this current political scenario, he added.


Dear All, Yes if there is Government,Number one priority must to generate 1000 MW hydroelectricity. Every political party is election oriented but no single political party is National oriented with National need of Energy. How unfortunate we are that we even have one national leader. NARESH MAHARJAN, Lalitpur

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