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Measles vaccines could have caused infants' deaths in Doti‚ says DPHO



DIPAYAL: The Doti District Public Health Office today said primary investigations pointed at measles vaccines for the deaths of four infants in Kadamandau of Doti.

Four infants between nine and 14 months had died in the remote village in Doti 24 hours after inoculation with measles and DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) vaccines on Sunday. The two other infants who were also vaccinated on the same day at Deukanda vaccine centre at Kadamandau are undergoing treatment at Doti District Hospital.

Mahendra Dhwoj Adhikary of Doti DPHO said the infants who were administered with other than measles vaccines have not developed any life-threatening signs.

Dr Phanindra Baral at Doti hospital said they could, at this point of time, only surmise that there was something wrong with the vaccines. Few hours after the vaccination, the infants had started vomiting profusely and developed a deathly pallor.

The vaccines that were administered to infants were not expired though, said DPHO, adding that the vials of measles vaccines had labels showing expiry date of September 2013. The vaccines were brought to the hospital from Dhangadhi 10 days ago.

Adhikary said with the deaths of four infants, he is in a dilemma whether to continue the vaccination campaign.

Hira Damai’s 14-month-old son Milan, Suntali Nepali’s one-year-old daughter Sujata, Indari Chiral’s nine-month-old Gauri and Pasupati BK’s 10-month-old Manju had died after vaccination. Health worker Amrita Bogati had administered measles vaccines to the infants.

Condition of those undergoing treatment is improving.

Kadamandau locals today staged a sit-in in front of the hospital demanding a thorough investigation and punishment to the guilty. Doti-based human rights organisations also demanded that a probe be launched immediately.

Experts to submit report by Sunday

KATHMANDU: Child Health Division under the Ministry of Health and Population has formed a committee to investigate into the deaths of four infants in Kadamandau of Doti. CHD Director Dr Taranath Pokhrel said a team will reach Doti by Thursday to find out what went wrong. “An emergency meeting of adverse events following immunisation monitoring committee was held today and it has decided to send a team to Doti,” said Dr Pokhrel. “The team comprising representatives from CHD and World Health Organisation and two child specialists will submit its final report by Sunday.”


5 gramm of information have more power than 10 Tons of opinion. An example: We just see 4 dead children. OK let s study the number of non vaccined people in germany: 25 Million non vaccined against Tetanus. Last publication of dead tetanus cases: 8 age over 75 , diabetis mellitus, open legs, So as a non vaccined person in Germany the probability seems to be quite low anyways....this is just an example, go and search for facts and you will find..... Joachim Mezger, Germany

Vaccines are harmful . . .it is necessary to look very close at the history of the pseudo-science called vaccines. Vaccines are NOT immunizations! Vaccines trigger auto-antibodies in humans and animals . . . The autoimmune disease you develop is determined by which tissues in the body are attacked by auto antibodies. It could be neurological, diabetes, heart disease or brain disease to mention a few . . . do your due diligence and look into this. There is no adequate science done to justify using vaccinations. They are the problem NOT the solution . . . let's keep laying the evidence-based science on the table to stop the coercion, ignorance and apathy. Primum-non-nocere . . . Todd Faasse, Arizona

hey u man . who are u to say this. have you studied mathmatics and the world hundred or thousand of babies may die due to vacacines. they may be for tha lack of informations or due to inexperience of a doctor or unknown historical information of the babies.the vaccines has made this world a safe place to live . are u mad to say this.vacccines have given the life to thousand and thousand of millions of people in the world. every invention has a cost of loss and benefits. we have to accept it. dont post such type of stupid comment afterwards. lokendra , barcelona Gosia Kazimierska, Vancouver Canada

There are many scientific links which I can gladly provide to expose the vaccine JUNK science, vaccines EXTREME dangers and doubtful effectiveness.Vaccines damage delicate immune system of babies and kids and as such number of kids with allergies, asthma,cancer,diabetes,mental disorders(autism,ADD,etc)is growing in proportion to the number of vaccines given to kids.In India there is stunning number of non-polio paralyzes within last decade, since the polio program started on mass scale.Vaccines are NON-vegetarian so NOT suitable anyway for most devoted Hindus, they are developed on animals that suffer enormously in labs, they are saturated with toxins, lack of compassion and suffering of countless animals.BEWARE, do not poison and kill your precious babies. Please. Namaste *~* Gosia Kazimierska, Vancouver Canada

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