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LETTERS: Forbid calculators



Recently, I met my cousin from India and I was very impressed by the speed at which he could solve mathematical calculations. He also studies at +2 level and he was faster at calculations than me and that too without using electronic calculators. I also came to know that in India use of calculators is prohibited up to +2 level. This might be the reason behind his fast speed of calculation. The Indian students have the habit of solving maths without calculators. However, in Nepal, calculators are allowed for use right from Class 9. This results in the dependency of students on calculators for solving related problems. Had the school level students not been allowed to use calculators here too, they would certainly be faster at calculations. Therefore, I would like to suggest that the authorities should bring in a system that forbids the use of calculators up to school level. Vijay Prakash Dwivedi,



Apropos of your news report, ‘’Visa process delay could queer Nepali cricketers’ pitch,’’ (THT, April 23, Page 1). Millions of Nepali cricket fans including me were struck numb going through this shocking news. And I firmly believe it is solely due to the negligence of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). The British High Commission (BHC) has no vested interest in delaying the visa process of our cricket team. However, General Secretary of CAN Ashok Nath Pyakurel is unfairly pointing his finger at the BHC. It is totally ridiculous. CAN is hiding its own fault and is busy circulating wrong information. Let me remind Pyakurel that a similar incident had taken place when Nepal was heading for UAE to play Elite Cup Trophy-2012. Later, by the mercy of God everything went well and Nepal became winner of this tournament for the first time in the history of its cricket. In his remark, Pyakurel said that CAN had applied for the visas on April 6 and were expecting to receive them after 15 days on April 21. Keeping this in mind, the Nepali team was scheduled to depart on April 23. This

clearly depicts the old habit of CAN and Nepalis to rush in the eleventh hour for the accomplishment of any important task. Now my question to CAN authorities is: why didn’t CAN apply for the visas keeping a margin of at least one week between the visa receiving date and the departure date of team? Why did they ignore their past mistake? The Division-3 tournament in Bermuda is undoubtedly very much important for Nepal. Victory in that tournament could have paved the path for playing the 2015 World Cup. Despite knowing this fact, CAN has repeated its old mistake. CAN’s negligence cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Surely, no Nepali is going to excuse them.

Trilok Sharma, Bafal, Kathmandu


The loss of the Nepali team in their ICC World Cricket League Division-III matches in Bermuda has disappointed the Nepali cricket fans. We had expected the Nepali team to have done better. It looks like Nepali players have to work harder to make a mark in international cricket. Sushil Dahal, Kathmandu

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