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Inspiring Earth Anthem

   Shreya Sotang lends her voice to poet-diplomat Abhay K's anthem


KATHMANDU: “We have anthems for colleges, universities, while all nations have their own national anthems. However, we don’t have an anthem for the planet. But in this globalised world, we are a part of the larger group. We share multiple identities of our castes, villages and global identity of this planet,” says diplomat-poet and first Secretary of Indian Embassy’s Press and Culture, Abhay K.

With this idea, this poet who is trying to “reinforce the larger identity and rise beyond the narrow identity” felt

the need to come up with an Earth Anthem.

In 2009, he started writing the anthem and on June 3 this year he released the anthem in India. It was released by the Union Ministers of India — Kapil Sibal and Dr Shashi Tharoor — at a programme organised by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) in New Delhi.

The song praises mother Earth — how beautiful she is along with the messages like ‘United we stand as flora and fauna … United we stand as species of one earth’.

Abhay K says that the song is a way to realise a greater identity where not only human race unites but other species coexist as well. “Each line of the poem has a message,” he adds.

But the main message lies in the one line We Are Humans, The Earth Is Our Home which has been sung in eight different languages.

The poem basically is in English language but the Earth Anthem has Nepali and Hindi lines as well.

And the poet chose composer Sapan Ghime to tune his poem four months ago. While Phanindra Rai has arranged the song, Shreya Sotang has lent her voice to it. Working with Nepali artistes, Abhay K feels, “I found great talent in Nepal.”

And the song has turned out to be “magical”. “It is perfect and it couldn’t have been better.”

Complimenting the initiative of Abhay K’s work, singer Sotang expresses, “I believe there hasn’t been a planet anthem so far. We have national anthems, I think we should have a planet anthem too.”

As it was her “first and new” experience doing any anthem, “Singing in eight different languages was tough but fun as well.”

With the release of Earth Anthem, you can watch and listen the to song on YouTube.

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