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Indra jatra begins in Bhaktapur



BHAKTAPUR: The age-old Indrajatra festival carrying religious and cultural importance has begun in Bhaktapur from today.

Marking the occasion, a small lingo or pole was raised to resemble the statue of Lord Indra in different toles of the district. The pole thus raised is known as Yambodho in Newar language.

The Yambodho has been raised as per religious worshipping at Tekhapukhu, Bansagopal, Nasamana, Bulucha, Sakotha, Bholanche, Suryamadhi, Khauma, Itache and other areas.

Legends go that the Indrajatra festival is observed to celebrate the victory of the gods over the demons to release Jayanta, the son of Lord Indra.

The Indrajatra festival is observed for eight days in Bhaktapur.


This is very short information about indra jatra of bhaktapur. I want to know details about indra jatra, what things is done within 8 days. If details have given here we person will be very grateful as i who put very interested in culture. kabin prajapati, bhaktapur, taulachhen-1

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