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India to honour Pokhara youth for chivalry



POKHARA: Bishnu Prasad Shrestha (35) of Baidam in Pokhara was returning home after 17 years of service at Ranchi-based 7/8 Gorkha Regiment in the Indian state of Jharkhanda on September 2, 2010 following his retirement.

All of a sudden, the Mourya Express Rail on which he was travelling ground to a halt at Chitaranjan forest in West Bengal at midnight. Taking advantage, a group of 40 robbers brandishing swords and knives got on board the train and began robbing the passengers. Bishnu too was forced to hand over everything he had to the looters. After the miscreants robbed the passengers, they turned their gaze on a 29-year-old woman sitting in the same apartment in the train.

Initially, they tried to force her to take off her clothes. Upon her refusal, they tried to rape her in front of her father’s eyes. She pleaded Bishnu to intervene and save her life to which Bishnu responded. He drew out a knife and stabbed three of the robbers to death to the sight of which rest of the looters fled the scene.

Thus, the life of the lady, a medical student, was saved while Bishnu sustained injuries on his left hand and had to remain in hospital for one month.

Soon after the incident, Indian media published the news with priority. The Indian government has decided to postpone his retirement for five years. It has rewarded him with IRS 50,000 in cash along with a silver knife and is to confer three prestigious medals on him on India’s Independence Day. The Indian President will confer the prestigious ‘Sourya medal’ on him. He will also be awarded supreme ‘Jivanrakshya medal’ and ‘Indian Army Bravery Award’.

The Indian Army has deployed two of its soldiers as his bodyguards for his leave. Bishnu is heading to India on Saturday. The two Indian Army soldiers will be coming to the Lake City to escort him to India. Bishnu informed that the family of the lady, whose life he had saved, has announced to award him IRs 3 lakh for his bravery. Chitaranjan Railway Service has declared to reward him with IRs 5 lakh.


Brave Man! Gurkha Great, UK

Hooray for the Gurkhas! Hooray for the Indian Army! Shoubhik Dasgupta, Mumbai

Bishnu, you are the man. I spent some time with Gurkhas during my Baghdad deployment. You guys are may favorite! Gavin Kovite, Austin, Texas, USA

Bless your brave heart!!! May your wounds heal perfectly, and may you be honored greatly for your humanity! Thank you for the inspiration!!! Mark mark brown, Northbrook, Illinois, USA

gud n thank's gorkhali bir brother u safe more people ,,a lot of thank's ,,gud bless u brother buddha shrestha dhurba shrestha, butwal nw in qatar tanahau purkot

Bishnu thank you, many nepalese all over the world salute you for your'e galant actions, along with other gorkas this kind of action reflects what is in you're heart, mind and soul, i sleep very well thinking we r safe because of people like you who play thier role in life, God Bless You All hope this news will not be used to stage political interests Jai Nepal naresh patel, london

you are right Aryan. i searched this story in the internet for one hour and the only article that i can find apart form the Nepalese site was Now, in that article it mentioned only 15 robbers and according to Bishnu Prasad shrestha “I attacked the robbers with my khukhuri. As I tried to stop one of them from snatching the earrings of a woman, he hit me on my left arm with his dagger,” So whats going on guys, all the news saying that he killed 3 robbers and chased the rest of the robbers. Yes i do respect his bravery but the Nepalese news are just stretching the story and making it some kind of bollywood movie,. Plus we reader are also believing whatever the news says. Just don't believe, do your research. Wake up Nepal moksha, nepal

Dear, Bishnu, we all salute you for your selfless, Loyal and bravery work. We are all very proud of you. Welldone. Maj Rajen Gurung, UK. Rajen, United Kingdom

Bishnu dai je garnu vo thik garnu vo. Jasle garda purai nepali ko ser thado vo. Hunata bhadhur vanera vantyo dhoti harule tapaile tyo dhekhai dinu vo. Proud of you tara tapaile kun knife linu vakotyo? Is that khukuri? Bishwas gurung, Baidam This version is quite interesting... Himalayan Times...we need actual words from Mr. Bishnu Prasad Shrestha.. Manish Sthapit, Kathmandu

dear bishnu u r the brave nepali of 21st century n also u r not only the brave in nepal u r the brave of india too tilak pokhrel, usa massachusets

"Well done" Nk Bishnu, we all Gorkhas are proud of you, you have done a good job like a real Gorkha. Thank you very much keep it up. Maj GB Gurung, Pokhara-13 Maj G B Gurung (Retd), Pokhara-13, Nepal (Presently working in Afghanistan)

Well done Bishnu. You make all Gurkhas proud. BD Thapa, Nepal

How ever Indian Government behave with Nepalese Gorkha Soldiers, Our brother are always loyal to their job and safety of Citizen in Nepal or India. Jai Nepal. Raj, Nepal

It's a great story. But why doesn't this news report recognize the weapon carried by Bishnu Shrestha? It was a 'KHUKURI' according to news reports from other news agencies. I feel it's a shame...not being able to recognize the weapon... It's glorious that khukuris continue to shine on even in the 21st century. gorkhali prime, kathmandu

Dear Bishnu - Job well done, all Gurkhas salute you for your braveryful actions Capt LB Gurung, United Kingdom

i really surprize after read this,s like a film story.i,m very glad now.. biswash baral, birtnagar


snatching earrings or rape? Stabbed to death or injured? Aryan, Kathmandu

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