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Hundreds take part in peace procession



KATHMANDU: Bouddhanath Area Development Committee, local clubs and various community service centres today organised a peace rally in the aftermath of self-immolation committed by a Tibetan monk on the premises of Bouddhanath Stupa a month ago.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life participated in the rally with banners and placards sporting peace messages.

The rally was staged to restore the dignity of Bouddhanath Stupa as a peace zone in the wake of February 13 self-immolation against the Chinese rule in Tibet on the premises of the holy site, organisers said.

The incident has sent a panic wave among the peace-loving people. “Therefore, we decided to organise a rally to maintain the image and historical significance of the holy site among the Buddhists and non-Buddhists,” Jaya Mangal Lama, a member of the organising committee, said.

“We wish for peace to prevail in future,” he added. It is a matter of concern that some people have been operating anti-religious activities in the holy site in contravention of the Buddhism, the organisers lamented. The pace rally, which originated from Bouddha, went round various parts of the City before culminating in front of the stupa gate.


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ACtually I am suprised to see "A March" for peace and restoration of Dignity of Boudha. I am local resident of Boudha living at here since 1980's. But never saw any problems with Peace and lossing of Dignity. Tibetans had been protesting free tibet slogan since 90's at Boudha. But no one bothered about it, Not even locals back then. Now Youths of Locals are engaging in the war of words with the Tibetans by hanging up banners dicouraging the struggle of Tibetans at Boudha itself. One banner was way too outrageous and written with so much hatred mentioning the Self Immolator's spirit to be ROT IN HELL. As far as I have the knowledge, Tibetans and the local communities have been living in harmony since Tibetans fled from Tibet. The Boudha stupa and it's holiness was known by locals only after the Tibetans fleeing here told them through Buddhist Sutras. I wish the Locals of Boudha show some compassion to Tibetans as we all are the disciples of Buddha and using Boudha as a tool of our livelihood. If Tibetans haden't come here, we nepalis' wouldn;t have known the importance of Boudha nor the teaching of Buddha and it's compassion as we are doing it. May Buddha Bless you all. May u be free from the three poision of this Earth realm. Om Mani Peme Hun. ny, Boudha

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