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Fashion: The only permanence is 'change'



n The Irish writer-cum-poet might have expressed his view to emphasise the growing trend of fashion in 1890s. The society and economy in that period might have been unable to adjust or justify such frequent changes in fashion due to the economy level or the advancement of society. Thus, being an artist he might have interpreted fashion in that way. However, I do not agree with the words of Mr Wilde. In my perspective, fashion is a form of mesmerising beauty which gets so much acquaintance and hence fades out so quickly that altering it is critical even in a short frame of time. Fashion has helped to keep the identity and flourish the dressing sense, making people aware of its importance. Hence, fashion has become a way of life today.

— Sachitra Bhattarai,

Chandragadi, Jhapa

n Oscar Wilde is correct in his own way because he tries to say that fashion keeps on changing within six months or may be more or less as viewers are in need of change in fashion. Everything in this world keeps changing as per time and fashion is no exception. Fashion has to be replaced and modified as new things must replace old. Only then, will people give priority and interest to fashion.

— Pratik Shrestha, Baneshwor

n Every individual has their own opinion and perception towards any event and thing. Here fashion is considered ugly because fashion is not creative and remarkable discovery or the finding like any scientific discovery. It is merely a waste of time and money of high-class people. It cannot determine a person’s potential simply by being covered in glitzy and embroidered clothes.

— Katak Singh,

Dhangadhi, Kailali

n If we think through the significance of sublime beauty, everything is beautiful. In the past, we used typewriters but now, we use computers. Despite the fact, computer has made our work far easier. There is always the traditional essence and beauty of the typewriter. Fountain pen is still beautiful. Men strive for new things and experience a lot. In this context, fashion needs alteration. We cannot imagine its unaltered form. It is not wise in the modern period to carry oneself with the same outfit all the time.

Fashion, which is popular now, cannot be that much fashionable after a certain time because new fashion prevails. Nor can we deny the old fashion trend can regain the place. Fashion keeps revolving around men’s choice with the demand of time. Some styles never go out of fashion and have its own craze. People still love to carry themselves in jeans with

fitting cuffs. The styles practiced in the 60s, can come into fashion again. Fashion is never new

and never old. It is rather a state of our preference that makes it new or old, ugly or beautiful. Whatever man performs or acts, they are actually done for the sake of real achievement, progress and satisfaction. Nevertheless, we cannot disagree with the intellectual view of the great Irish literary man.

— Laxmi Prasad Rai,

Kirtipur, Kathmandu

n Fashion is an art. Art represents particular moment, situation, and trend. The most important feature of art is its changing nature. The intriguing art of the past might not be appealing these days as human expression and understanding to the contemporary art varies. For instance, gone are the days when we loved to follow the trend of Rajesh Khanna, Elvis Presley and Madonna. However, we now have Salman Khan, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Rihanna just to name a few. They are the trendsetters and their fashion sense appeal to us whenever they try something new in their style, dress, and conversation. Therefore, the always-changing nature/ trend have kept the fashion alive, interesting and appealing. In a sense, it is not boring and ugly at all.

— Deepesh Duwadi, Kalanki

n No, I do not agree with Wilde’s view. Fashion is about change. Change is for freedom. Change for every moment of life. How can freedom be ugly? For those who cannot cope with freedom it obviously becomes ugly. For instance, nature around us is full of change, which changes every four months like winter, spring, summer and autumn. Now if we go through Wilde’s view, should we say ‘nature is the form of ugliness so intolerable that it has to alter every four months’? Of course not. Here nature is freedom for every living being and so is fashion for every human being. It is a freedom of personality, joy, happiness and expression of attitude non-verbally. It seems like Wilde could not enjoy wilderness coping with change, wearing beautifully designed dresses with lots of


— Bishow Maharjan,

Harisiddhi-3, Lalitpur

n The writer is known for his flamboyant clothing and so his saying perfectly matches his personality. I think the quotation is his humourous remark on fashion as being so fluid and I do agree with him. Fashion never stops and never will as it is a process not outside of us but inside our mind, a part of human body that always explores further and is never satisfied. Still I am not able to fully grasp the saying in context of the 19th century when the world was not so small.

— Umesh Pandey, Ratopool, Kathmandu

n I do not know in what context Oscar Wilde said that, however it is somehow true and somehow false. True in the sense that fashion gets old and after some period of time the charm is lost and the new trend of fashion mesmerises people to adopt it. False in the sense that some people stick with the same fashion for their entire lifetime. Some fashion does not get old and it is true with conservative dresses. Traditional fashion wear is evergreen and it suits everyone. In weddings, most people wear traditional wear and also teachers, officers or an employee of any organisation has to wear the traditional uniforms and they look presentable wearing it. Someone has rightly said that when in doubt, wear traditional clothes as this will give a positive impression and will help one to be confident. What I think is traditional fashion will remain alive forever even after generation changes but coping and modifying without any research and foresight will make it obsolete. Fashion according to me is a culture that is to be adapted by knowing its roots and visioning of rearing its sweet fruit. If one thinks that it will not bear fruits than it is to be left behind.

— Moin Uddin, Ghattekulo, Kathmandu

n The statement is well said and very practical and realistic however, it depends on how one perceives. Well yes, I do agree with this statement. I perceive this statement with the depth that lies behind those negative words. We can say change/flow is the compatible synonym to term fashion. Fashion is not there to remain constant. Alternatively, say if it remains constant, fashion may not be valuable and will lose its hold. Therefore, fashion itself describes change be it drastic or small. Change may lead according to the designer as per their vision of change, which later accepted by mass, or consumer creating their own statement by styling them self. However, in a way it is about change in a new way than previous. Generally as a major showcase of unveiling alert of change, occurs in six-month period.

— Jwala Rai

n Fashion is a popular trend, especially in terms of dress, ornaments or behaviour. Fashion and fashion trends mostly refer to anything, which is popular in a culture at a given time. It is inclusive of areas such as style of dress, literature, art et cetera. Yes, I agree with Wilde’s view. Fashion trend changes rapidly and fashion is often used to describe the latest version of these trends. Different people have different views about fashion.

In the context of Nepal, many people change their lifestyle, style of dressing by looking at others. People have the habit of copying others’ fashion. Mostly, the Nepali society is influenced or attracted by the western culture, way of living and western fashion. Nepalis alter their fashion by looking at others in every six months. Moreover, the fashion changes when the climate or weather changes. In summer, people wear light and transparent clothes whereas, in winter, people wear warm and bulky clothes.

— Pramod Gautam, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

n Normally fashion reflects one’s personality but Wilde’s perception of fashion is totally differed out and altered here. Therefore, it has become an arguable issue in general. It is really a controversial issue so far. However, I know that the writers are the precious part of the society and nation and they are very often philosophical in their nature. I do not think Wilde’s statement is social and amicable but the term fashion that Wilde described might be the one that has very different meaning for those who follow fashion on average. In our society and culture, females are more responsible for male’s fashion. Women in comparison to men pay attention to the fashion in

international level. Even the businesses of the fashion and

designing might have the best data because the female splurge on it. The fashion, about which Wilde stated, is a bit different because a fashionable person can never be ugly.

— Arjun Prasad Tiwari

n When we hear about the word fashion, it immediately related to a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour that is usually done for attraction. Yes, I strongly appreciate Wilde’s view regarding fashion. As far as I know, fashion is a way to define who you are, and express yourself, it is an art, which represents time, culture, and religion. However, nowadays fashion is just out of track. Instead of seeing neatness in fashion, we are going through diverted form of fashion, which reveals it as a form of ugliness. When we see the history, the pattern of fashion exists for longer duration as of clothing, hairstyles, and way of expression whereas present context is not like that. Today’s fashion is going through acquiring bad concepts for attraction, which is intolerable for the longer duration. Hence, I agree with Wilde’s view regarding fashion and its alteration in every six month.

— Samiran Kafle, Bharatpur

n Yes, I agree that fashion changes every five or six months but I do not want to take it in a negative way. It is definitely changing because fashion is all about creativity. Creativity always seeks newness. It is a well known fact that human beings are creative by birth, because of this fact, fashion seems to be changing in not time, but we all have to agree that it is all because of human being’s creative nature.

— Bigyan Shrestha, Bode, Bhaktapur

n The meaning of fashion varies from person to person. In my understanding, fashion is a supreme form of art. It is a skill and a sense of presenting oneself in a unique, cultured, decent and trendy way. The basic concept is to flaunt one’s look, figure and height in such a skillful way that makes him/her look attractive and perfect. In another word, fashion is an art that enhances overall personality of a person. Thus being fashionable is not bad as far as one maintains the core concept and idea of fashion.

However, most of the times we see people copying and adopting fashion without considering their physical structure and profession. Others are seen crossing all the code and conduct related to fashion in the quest of looking unique and stylish. After seeing all these distortions and insensible approaches that are governing the fashion world, my inner sense propels me to team up with Oscar Wilde who terms fashion as a form of ugliness. I have high regard for all those who really understand fashion and adopt it with a great fashion sense.

— Ambika Pandey


Actually, Elvis is still a major trend setter in the Western World. Only this week his hairstyle 'The Quiff' has topped a poll for the best hairstyle ever. Such personalities as David Beckham and Justin Beiber are now sporting quiffs. Also in 2013, several major fashion houses have brought back the Elvis style clothes from 50's fashions to 70's high collars. Brian Quinn, Caddington - United Kingdom

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