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EU lauds Nepal for efforts at reducing climate change impact



KATHMANDU: The European Union (EU) has praised the programmes implemented by the government and aimed at reducing the impact of climate change.

Formation of Climate Change Council under the leadership of the Prime Minister, establishment of Climate Change Division under the Ministry of Science and Technology, implementation of the 'climate change budget code' by the National Planning Commission and the formation of talks groups related to climate change are the latest efforts made by the government to minimize the impact of climate change.

During a conference on 'EU-Nepal Cooperation on Climate Change and Sustainable Development : Accelerating Progress towards International Commitments' organised jointly by the Government of Nepal and European Union here today, the EU representatives praised Nepal for its initiatives to combat the impact of climate change.

Minister- Counselor EU delegation to Nepal, India, Bhutan Councilor Robert Donkers said Nepal is vulnerable to impact of climate and programmes implemented by the Nepal Government to reduce such impact are really praiseworthy.

He pledged to continue EU financial and technical support to Nepal for damage mitigation in the future also.

Similarly, Renate Stangl, Charge d' Affaires of the European delegation to Nepal, said direct impact of climate change has started to be seen on the environment of mountain regions and underlined the need of collective efforts from Hindukush region to tackle such problems.

Minister for Science, Technology and Environment Dr Keshabman Shakya said reducing impact of climate change was the top priority of the government.

Vice Chairman of National Planning Commission Deependra Bahadur Kshetry said the climate change code has been implemented in all the development programmes.

Likewise, Secretary at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Keshab Bhattarai said the government was actively working to minimize the impact of climate change.


Whatever we do could be praiseworthy...What about the India, China, America, south american countries and Europe. Our contribution to climate change is minuscule. You are the one who should be making praiseworthy effort rather than organising big summits and without committing to it. May be Nepal will suffer first but the iimpact of climate change will not spare anyone. More should be talked about your place and only yours. We were still burning dung and woods which naturally contributed very less to climate change when you your fuming out CFCs. Hello, Aus

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