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Dhumbarahi locals correct KVTDC's road expansion goof-up



KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee cancelled its road widening plan in Ashish Marg, Dhumbarahi, after the locals decided to intervene and tell the concerned authorities that their decision was wrong.

Residents of Ashish Marga were stunned to see the markings on their houses and compound walls as part of the government’s road expansion initiative on Tuesday. None of the local representatives were informed about it. Yesterday, the locals went to the office of the KVTDC and held talks with the concerned officials regarding the road expansion plan in their area.

When the local stakeholders went through the map, they found that demolition plan in Ashish Marg was not on the list. Finally, the KVTDC admitted its fault and assured the locals that it would correct the same.

“The government officials are not always right, the locals must use their knowledge too,” said a local resident.

Purna Prasad Dulal, a section officer at the KVTDC, however, tried to clarify that they had appealed to the people by publishing a notice in a newspaper to contact the concerned officials within 15 days if they had any complaints with respects to its decision.

“When people did not turn up at the KVTDC to complain, we believed that the decision was right and that they wanted wider roads,” he argued.

Later, KVTDC officials admitted that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ and road expansion would be cancelled in Ashish Marg. It was a mistake on the part of some technicians in the KVTDC, and they printed the wrong map and identified the wrong area, an official said, adding that road expansion is done in accordance with the blueprint.

This is the first mistake of such kind. “Everything cannot go right when you are working simultaneously in many areas,” says Dulal.

According to the local stakeholders, everyone wants a beautiful place to live in and wider roads. “If the road is bigger, fire trucks and ambulances can reach anywhere on time and the locals can also be reached conveniently at the time of disaster,” said a local.

The KVTDC has been widening road with the support of the community people.

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