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Cine workers mark Black Friday



KATHMANDU: “It’s a shame in the creative field and we are very sad about the decision taken towards the movie Badhsala where the government has halted the release of the movie on March 8,” said Rajan Khatiwada, director of Mandala Theatre on March 8 at the event ‘Unity against the prohibition of Badhsala’, calling the day a Black Friday for the movie industry.

The back yard of Mandala Theatre was filled with professionals from the Nepali film industry where the cast and crew of Badhsala tied a piece of black cloth around their heads. The poster of the movie was covered with black cloth, which were symbolically removed saying no other Nepali movie would face a similar fate like Badhsala.

People from the film industry from directors, technicians, distributors and actors expressed themselves saying that the government’s action is a way to kill creativity, forecasting the future of the entire creative fraternity of Nepal including literature, theatre, art and so on moving toward the dark age.

During the event, director Yadav Kharel expressed, “There must be freedom of expression and the government should not take law in their hands. There is a censor board in the country which has the right to censor it for the audience, and to do so the censor board has to give written proof. But the censor board has not given any written proof about the film violating peace of the country, yet the film has been banned from being released.”

Meanwhile, director of the movie Manoj Pandit shared, “We announced today as Black Friday as an end to violating the creative culture of Nepal and it’s wrong to judge a film that have songs and dances and give entertainment is categorised as movie, whereas a movie is also medium to raise awareness about political, social and cultural situation of the country.”

Director Keshav Pandey questioned, “Can’t we make films with new things, in new ways? The ban on Badh-sala is violation of human rights.”

Talking about further action Pandit added, “We are creative beings and we don’t want to take to streets, rather we are going to fight for our rights going to the court and we are happy that the Supreme Court has started to go through the cases related to violation against human rights. We respect the laws of our country.”

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