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My life was full of happiness

But in the end I’d remember and cry

All those promises that you made

Were never meant to be, so they faded

I look in the mirror and smile

God gives the most painful reasons in

perfect time.

Every time I thought that you would be

The only one for me

It’s not the time, I know now

Because you betrayed me

Calling yourself a best friend.

What goes around comes around

As said by my true friend

It’s that you’ve hurt me so much

You’ll feel the pain in the end.

The wounds that you gave me

Would now never heal

The lies that you told me

Would never reveal.

I just don’t know how I feel

Am I sad or happy or lonely

I don’t know whatever the fact

I don’t know how I should react.

— Apekshya Poudel, Class IX, Triyog HS School

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