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My mom is a big believer in sharing. She always made sure that we learned to accept things/actions from others and give in abundance as well. I still remember when things were difficult at home. B and I must have been in primary school and we didn’t have any money for ‘tiffin’ that day. I wanted to buy three biscuits from the nearby bakery. We went to school without it that day. Few days later, dad’s salary or hajuama’s monthly allowance must have come through and we had some biscuits at home. My mom, however, made sure we pack some too for her nieces and nephews we visited in the weekend. On another occasion, when my cousin had nothing to wear to the big family wedding, my mom nudged me towards thinking that I have at least two pairs of ‘kurta’ that I can wear to any party. I only needed one. I gifted that yellow kurta to her and imagined her happy. I remember adjusting the hemlines for her with my newly acquired love for sewing when I was fourteen. —

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