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Alisha crowned Miss Newa 1134




KATHMANDU: Twenty-one-year-old Alisha Bajracharya could barely contain her happiness when her name was announced and she was crowned Miss Newa 1134 on January 15 at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi.

“What according to you is life? How can you lead a life with Newar identity?” This was the question asked to all the six finalists by chief judge Bhai Raja Tuladhar, DGM of Prime Commercial Bank. Bajracharya’s answer impressed all the judges. “Life is past, present and future. Successful future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream. I am a big time dreamer. For me my future is a celebration of the young, old, our self, teachers, brother and living beings. I am proud to be raised in a culture that maintains harmony. It is very important to maintain social life because we are social animals. Nepal is a country where there is celebration of peace and harmony under one roof. We Newar people are people of language, independent script,” was the answer that made her the winner.

With this victory, Bajracharya has also become the Environment Ambassador of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Goodwill Ambassador of Cancer Relief Fund and Social Ambassador

of Nepalese Fashion Home along with winning a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

“I was confident and I expected to win”, Bajracharya expressed. The daughter of a Chhetri mother and Newar father, she plans to formally learn Nepal Bhasa along with “working to promoting Newar culture together with Lion’s Club”.

Nineteen-year-old Shraddha Shakya was crowned first runner-up. She won cash prize of Rs 15,000. Tilasha Bajracharya, 21, was the second runner-up along with winning Miss Public Choice subtitle. Tilasha was handed over a cash prize Rs 10,000.

The grand finale was held in different rounds beginning with the introduction round — all 22 contestants had to introduce themselves in Nepal Bhasa and they were questioned by the judges afterwards. Some were confident and fluent in the language, some found it difficult to understand the questions asked in Nepal Bhasa, while some chose to answer in English. Irrespective of their language preference, those who gave

good answers confidently made it to the Top 10 round and from among them Top 6 finalists were selected.

In between these rounds singers like Prabesh Man Shakya, Suraj Bir Bajracharya and various dancers entertained the audience.

Miss Newa is being organised by Nepalese Fashion Home since 2005.

Other winners

• Miss Friendship: Prashmin Shrestha

• Miss Charming: Jenu Maharjan

• Best Smile: Saika Shrestha

• Tasveer Miss Photogenic: Riya Tamrakar

• Miss Best Hair: Nirmita Dangol

• Miss Discipline: Jasmine Maharjan

• Miss Personality: Trishna Shrestha

• Best Dress: Shreeya Shakya

• Best Nepal Bhasa: Samata Bajracharya

• Miss Talent: Nilisha Tuladhar

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