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'US vaccine may be behind bird flu'



A rapid response team disposing of bird flu-infected fowls after culling them, at Bisworam Hengwju's farm in Chittapol, Bhaktapur, on Saturday.


BHAKTAPUR: A leading poultry farmer today said unauthorised use of vaccines meant to fight bird flu, especially a USA-made vaccine, may have caused bird flu outbreak in Bhaktapur.

Tulsiram Dhukkhwa, chairman of the Poultry Farmers’ Association (Bhaktapur), said many poultry farmers in the district have complained that bird flu broke out in the district because of unauthorised use of vaccines. “Unauthorised vaccines are responsible for the bird flu outbreak in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur,” he said.

He said vaccines must have caused outbreak of bird flu in many places all at once. Dhukkhwa said powerful countries have been using poor countries like Nepal as a laboratory. “If Nepal has been used to test vaccine developed against bird flu in the USA, it is a misfortune,” he said. Dhukkhwa claimed that samples of dead birds have already reached America.

He further cautioned the government to test vaccine and medicines used in the poultry to prevent the outbreak of other diseases.

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3 more farms infected

KATHMANDU: Bird flu was confirmed in three more poultry farms in Bhaktapur on Saturday. According to the Bhaktapur District Livestock Office, farms belonging to Ram Prasad Acharya at Jhaukhel VDC-1, Bisworam Hengwju at Chittapol and Yogeshraj Dahal at Sipadol VDC tested positive. Khagendra Raj Bhatta, chief at the DLO, said the rapid response team had destroyed 953 chickens and 100 kg of chicken feed at Bisworam’s farm. The team also destroyed 3,977 chickens at Narayanbhakta Kharbuja’s farm in Katunje VDC on Saturday, a day after bird flu was confirmed there.

Technicians from the DLO have been conducting rapid tests on fowls at poultry farms in the district. Of the 342 poultry farms in the district, bird flu has been confirmed in 38 farms as of Saturday evening.

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