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'Buddha Boy took sis hostage'



PATHALAIYA: Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is said to have been meditating for long for the good of humanity, has taken his 12-year-old sister hostage after his mother did not cooperate with him to apply for citizenship, it is learnt.

This comes just two months after Bamjan, known as Budhha Boy, freed two women his followers had detained from three months.

“Bamjan (Guru) had sought my citizenship card to apply for his. But when I didn’t cooperate they took daughter Ranjita hostage four days ago,” alleged Mayadevi, Bamjan’s mother. “His followers at the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh have said they will free Ranjita only after I hand over my citizenship card.”

Bamjan is in a hurry to get a citizenship certificate and a passport as he is planning to go abroad soon, sources said. The Budhha Boy has allegedly been threatening his family for the past two months over his mother’s citizenship card.

Mayadevi and her another daughter Raj Kumari filed a complaint at Simara Police Office today, accusing Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh of holding Ranjita hostage. They have urged police to help secure her release and sought action against Balhari Rai and Darshan Limbu of the Sangh for abducting the girl.

Earlier, as the Sangh acquired a fake birth certificate for Bamjan from Ratanpuri VDC. “We did not provide our mother’s citizenship card as he had faked his birth certificate,” said Ram Bahadur’s elder sister Ram Kumari. “Although he had started meditating to spread peace, he hasn’t lived up to his promise.”

When the Buddha Boy’s elder brother Dil Bahadur and younger brother Shyam went to free Ranjita on Monday, the Sangh thrashed them and detained them for a night, the family said.

“I went to the Sangh and got my two sons freed. But they would not free my daughter,” lamented Mayadevi. Inspector KP Sharma of Area Police Office of Simara assured that the girl would be freed soon. “We will do every bit to punish the guilty,” vowed the inspector.

Meanwhile, Sangh members clashed with Ratanpuri locals, who went to the place –– where Bamjan was meditating, on Tuesday afternoon to free the girl. The locals were outnumbered and had to retreat.


Thank you, Jane Aldiss, for your eyewitness account of the actual truth! Truth will win! anjala devi, UK

I was staying in the jungle throughout May 2012 when the events so misreported above occurred. My eye witness statement is as follows: I saw Ranjita, GuruJi’s little sister, arrive by foot, all alone one afternoon. I was told that she had walked from the village of Pilau alone. I saw her playing all afternoon and evening with two small boys who live there. She was very happy, laughing, and carefree. I saw her doing the same in the morning, again, very happy and carefree. Everyone was kind and friendly to her, and it was clear that she was enjoying being there, and had come, and was staying, of her own free will. When her mother and siblings turned up later that morning, i understood that they wanted to take her away with them. I saw her crying and in great distress. I have a photo of her and her mother sitting beside each other, as proof that Ranjita had not been abducted as alleged, but was in free conversation with her mother and family. I understood that she wished to stay with her brother, Guru Dharma Sangha. Dharma Sangha came and sat with the sangha, and the mother and siblings. Ranjita went and stood behind Dharma Sangha, and would not be moved by her mothers or brothers entreaties to leave the place. She stood behind her brother, Guru Dharma Sangha for maybe two or three hours, not moving, until the mother and siblings had left, and the meeting finished. Her desire to stay with him was clearly her choice, and i admire her courage to stand up for what she wanted, i.e. to stay with her brother Dharma Sangha, despite the opposition to her decision from the rest of her family. jane aldiss, UK

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