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Sceptic offers top dollar for climate change deniers

  Claims glacial retreat is not happening


KATHMANDU: Ask a question about melting glaciers and pocket $500. “Glacier-hard cash in your pocket… all you have to do is attend a movie screening, ask a question and send us a video,” Steven Milloy, climate change denier wrote on the US-based website

After the US Department of State announced that it is going to air a UNDP-funded documentary titled ‘Revealed: Himalayan Meltdown ’on Monday, at its office in Washington and discuss about climate change, climate change sceptics, who write and advocate against climate change, announced to pay anyone, who attended the show and ask questions to challenge climate change.

“We will pay $500 to anyone who submits a video of themselves attending the State Department event and asking questions that aim to debunk the notion that global warming is causing the Himalayan glaciers to disappear,” Milloy added.

Milloy is a columnist for Fox News and is an advocate for Phillip Morris, ExxonMobil and other corporations. He runs the website, which is dedicated to debunking “false claims regarding global warming.”

“Himalayan climate change is melting the mountains’ great glaciers. Forty per cent of the world’s fresh water supply is slowly disappearing. Catastrophic flooding and unpredictable weather patterns downstream threaten entire villages. But from Nepal to the Tibetan Plateau… from Bhutan to India and the Bay of Bengal, the Asian people are answering the call,” the trailer of the documentary, prepared after a travel to South Asian countries, including Nepal, said.

Glacier melting became a hot topic after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - the United Nations’ scientific body tasked with looking into the climate change science - mistakenly mentioned in its fourth report in 2007 that the Himalayan glaciers will disappear by 2035. In 2010, IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri admitted the prediction was flawed, but said melting of glaciers was indeed taking place at a faster pace than what was generally believed.

Sceptics all around the world use the IPCC mistake to shore up their anti-climate change campaign. “Steve Milloy is trying to pack the room with climate deniers at a State Department expert panel discussion and film on Himalayan glacier melt Monday. He’s offering $500 to anyone willing to show up at the event and shoot video with a hand held mobile device,” wrote Jeff Nesbit, Executive Director of a New York-based environmental organisation.

In January 2006, Paul Thacker, a journalist at The New Republic, had reported that Milloy has received thousands of dollars in payments from the Phillip Morris since the early 90s, and Milloy-controlled NGOs have received large payments from ExxonMobil, the largest oil company in the world, to debunk climate change.


Paul Thacker has convincingly proven beyond any doubt that these sceptics are in the pay of wicked, wicked people and that therefore their contention that Global Warming is open to scrutiny and examination must be dismissed as rubbish. How comforting to know that scientific truths can be so easily established. Mind you, it might not be too clever to look into the funding and cash-flows of the Al Gores and the Rajendra Pachauris of this world. That might uncover some interesting facts which Mr Thacker might be less eager to reveal . . . Archibald Wildberry, London N2 9DR

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